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Apply the Principles of Pilates in Los Feliz

If you are looking for a studio to practice Pilates in Los Feliz, you don’t need to look any further. Our premium studio not only teaches the Pilates method, but we help to merge your physical movement and creative expression with positive resistance in order to enhance your fitness practice. Drop by Avenir-LA for a Pilates session in Los Feliz to start your movement and exercise journey today.

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Find Pilates in Los Feliz and Start Right Away

Our Pilates inspired classes are built to be low impact, but a total full body workout. Our classes focus on building overall body strength, flexibility, and mobility in the body. As a result, the only side effects from our low impact classes are better posture, a healthier mind, and a positive attitude! To schedule your next class, contact us through our site or call the studio at (213) 921-0900.

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