Solid Reasons to Start a Pilates Practice in Los Angeles

Have you been looking to add a new exercise program to your routine, but not sure what to try? What about the ultimate form of functional fitness? Pilates is a low impact exercise program that builds strength, flexibility, and endurance through low impact movement. Avenir, LA’s premier Pilates studio, offers Fundamentals classes which is the perfect introduction to all things Pilates!

Powerhouse Strength

Pilates is a fantastic workout for your core and, in Pilates, the core is often referred to as the ‘powerhouse.’ Your powerhouse consists of the muscles between your ribs and your hips: abdominals, obliques, back extensors, pelvic floor, hip flexors, and glutes. A stronger powerhouse means better posture, more endurance, and a decrease in susceptibility to injuries.

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Reduce Your Back Pain

If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, you may experience some level of back pain. When you stay in a slumped position over an extended period of time, the muscles in your core get underused. Your hip flexors and glutes become tight. Abdominals and back extensors become weak. Because the exercises in Pilates are performed through active stretching, you are strengthening and lengthening your muscles in every single movement. Because Pilates is so dynamic, a consistent practice may help relieve some of the back pain you may have. 

Easy on the Joints

Were you once in love with biking, tennis, basketball or another workout that has caused problems with your joints? Pilates helps to build strength and mobility around your joints. People love Pilates for this reason because they are able to still enjoy their favorite sports and activities. Because Pilates is a controlled, low-impact exercise system, it may help to alleviate joint pain. 

Better Focus

Pilates is not only about building muscle strength and body mobility, but it also helps to build focus. Every movement in Pilates has a breath assigned to it. Depending on which direction the body is moving and exertion level, you are either assigned to exhale or inhale for the entire movement. This takes your mind off of outside problems and realigns the connection between body and mind or body and breath. Your ability to focus will increase over time with a consistent Pilates practice. The idea is that you will eventually be able to bring the focus you learn in class to the outside world as well! 

Increased Flexibility

You do not need to be flexible to start a Pilates routine, but a consistent Pilates practice will definitely help you increase your flexibility over time. The dynamic movements that Pilates exercises provide allow for more range of motion throughout the body as well as improved balance. With greater range of motion and improved balance, you are more likely to avoid injury. Who wouldn’t want that?

Brain Power

With so much focus and concentration on the actual movements, proper alignment, and breath patterns, it’s been seen that Pilates helps with brain function as well. Researchers believe Pilates may even have benefits for people struggling with cognitive or degenerate brain issues. 

Are you ready to try Pilates in Los Angeles? Avenir is LA’s premier Pilates studio located conveniently near Los Feliz, Silver Lake, and East Hollywood. You can schedule your first class at Avenir on their website. Check out their 5 unique types of classes offered! Pilates could be that one exercise program missing from your routine. And with so many benefits, why not try it out? Whether you’re a newbie to the Pilates world, or an advanced practitioner, there is a class for you!