Apply the Principles of Pilates in Los Feliz

When it comes to staying fit, healthy, and balanced, there is no better way than through the art of Pilates. Pilates is an intelligent, transformative movement system that balances muscle strength, flexibility, and mobility within the body. This physical fitness system is practiced by over 11 million people across the United States who seek to improve their mind-body connection, balance, and posture. Now, you can practice pilates in Los Feliz at Avenir LA.

Principles of Pilates

Pilates is an alignment based series of exercises designed to build muscle strength and mental awareness. It teaches balance, coordination, and focus. Although it requires a lot of work, it is extremely rewarding to feel the benefits of your Pilates practice. The following are a few of its key principles.

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Pilates is all about focus and concentration. Concentration is the key to mental awareness while executing the movements. It can be thought of as the conscious control of a movement simultaneously enhancing body awareness. As you continue to practice concentration throughout your Pilates classes, you will also be able to carry that over to improve your concentration in your everyday life.

Pilates not only assists with concentration but also clearing your mind. Because you are specifically thinking about executing the exercises in the moment, your mind is cleared of any other distractions. Both your focus and your mindfulness will improve upon your mindset in your day to day life.


Breathing is vital to the Pilates practice. One of the cornerstones of the entire method is the emphasis on blood circulation and the intake of oxygen. Proper inhalation and exhalation are key to the full circulation of oxygenated blood throughout the entire body. This allows for the breath to cleanse and invigorate the body.

Pilates breath is all about lateral breathing. Lateral breathing is practiced by taking a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Think about sending the inhale into the sides of the ribs and back of the body. To feel this a little better, place your hands on the sides of your ribcage. Feel your ribs expand laterally or sideways during the inhale. Feel the ribs pull in towards the midline of the body during the exhale. By focusing on your breath during the exercises, you are able to find a deeper connection to the muscles in your body.


When Joseph Pilates first developed his technique, he named it Contrology. Contrology presented the opportunity for optimal muscle control. In each class, we focus on controlling the muscles against spring resistance and gravity. In order to properly find control over the body, clients are encouraged to find their center, also known as their core. All movements should originate from the center of the body, the core, and move to the limbs from there. This system will help to develop a stronger connection and control over your body in your everyday life making it the ultimate form of functional fitness.

Find Pilates in Los Feliz

If you are looking for a studio to practice Pilates in Los Feliz, you don’t need to look any further. At Avenir Los Angeles, we teach each of these Pilates principles and help you to integrate them into your day to day life. Our premium studio not only teaches the Pilates method, but we help to merge your physical movement and creative expression with positive resistance in order to enhance your fitness practice. Drop by Avenir-LA for a Pilates session in Los Feliz to start your movement and exercise journey today.