What to Look for in a Pilates Studio in Los Angeles

At the forefront of today’s fitness landscape you find Pilates. It is the physical discipline that allows you to gain control over your breath, muscles, and focus through practice and exercise. Although there are many Pilates studios in Los Angeles, you cannot just choose any random one. You need to carefully make the choice by keeping a few things in mind.

What to Keep in Mind


When looking for a new Pilates studio, you first need to find instructors you can trust. At Avenir-LA, our instructors have each completed a 500+ hour comprehensive teacher training from reputable programs recognized by the PMA, the Pilates Method Alliance. Our instructors also have extensive teaching backgrounds working in physical therapy clinics, private boutique studios, big box gyms, and dance studios giving them considerable experience working with injuries and general body limitations.

At Avenir-LA, you can trust our instructors are not only experienced, but non judgemental. As a client, you are allowed to be open and vulnerable with your instructors. It is important to feel safe and free of judgement in your Pilates studio, which is exactly the community we’ve built at Avenir.

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You have to find a Pilates studio in Los Angeles that not only preaches discipline, but encourages it. When we practice discipline in our studio, it helps to develop your own discipline beyond the fitness practices. At Avenir, we are invested in your progress. We help to keep you accountable in your fitness goals. 

Are you feeling pushed towards your fitness goals? Is your technique improving and helping your grow? Are you feeling encouraged to stay in line with your personal discipline? At Avenir-LA, we want to guide you towards your goals. 


Along with trust and discipline, energy is just as important. You want to attend a Pilates studio where the instructors and staff are excited to be there and excited to share their knowledge. The energy of the trainers has to be contagious and inspirational. At Avenir, we work to bring you the best, most knowledgeable instructors in Los Angeles. 

The energy of the studio is something you really cannot measure without trying out the classes for yourself. You will be able to feel the energy by coming into the studio and taking classes. Take from the different instructors on staff and see who you connect with best. 

Pilates Studio in Los Angeles

To find the Pilates studio in Los Angeles that excels in all of the above, you can count on Avenir-LA. Located in the heart of Silver Lake, Avenir is a premium Pilates studio that will undoubtedly take your fitness experience to the next level. Don’t hesitate to drop by at 4370 Fountain Ave. to inquire more, or call us at (213)921-0900 to make a reservation.