Yoga in Silver Lake CA: Better Form, Better Results

If you like yoga in Silver Lake CA, you’ll love our unique Pilates. It’s meant to be something that you’ve never seen before, literally. Each of our classes is designed to be different. That means if you go to one class, the next one may be a bit similar, but no two classes are the same. That way, there’s never the slightest chance that your workout will be dull, or anything less than fully engaging. There are many ways to exercise in the Silver Lake area, but our particular Pilates-inspired reformer classes are something genuinely unique and special.

More than Yoga in Silver Lake CA

While many people come to us with a yoga background, that’s not entirely what we do. Many of our exercises come from the Pilates and yoga worlds equally. We combine these two beautiful and functional forms of movement to create something completely different. Instead of focusing simply on “fitness” or “meditation,” these classes are designed to combine strengthening movements and creative expression. Each class is based around moving on the minimalistic Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformers.

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Allegro 2 Reformers

In music, the phrase “allegro” means “fast, lively, with joy,” which is why it is such a fitting name for the reformers that we use in our classes. These reformers provide quality resistance with maximum comfort. They are specifically designed to give total body core workouts through seamless transitions so that clients may go through several different exercises quickly without changing position. The infinity footbar is not only more padded than previous models but also moves to many different positions along with the actual reformer providing hundreds of more exercises. These reformers are used in so many different ways in each class. You will be happy to see you can kneel, stand, jump, and sit on these beautifully smooth machines.

What Avenir-LA Focuses on

While there are many different workout fitness classes in the Los Angeles area, our classes are designed to give you stability, mobility, and alignment.  Even our most athletic classes are built to have little to no impact on your body. Even if you still love high impact sports such as tennis, running, or biking, our Pilates-inspired classes at Avenir offer a low impact option to build strength, control, and flexibility. This means you are still able to do your favorite sport and stay safe in your body. Imagine exercising, feeling great, and bursting with energy for the rest of the day. That’s what classes at Avenir provides!

Rhythm Movement

At Avenir-LA, we take playlists quite seriously. Musical playlists set the tone for the class in more ways than one. Music is part of the inspiration to move the body. Our classes are structured so that the playlists work in harmony with the pace and progression of your movement. As the class moves forward, the musical playlists also progress to build and break with the exercises creating rhythmic movements between body and mind. You can take your fitness experience to the next level with us by scheduling a class through the Avenir-LA site. We offer multiple level memberships, class packages, and single class drop-ins on our site or in the studio.